Members of Adairsville’s Downtown Development Authority (DDA) voted unanimously Wednesday evening to approve a contract that would bring several artwork installations to the City’s railroad-adjacent square.

Under the contract, the City will pay about $10,000 over a four-year period for the placement of five sculptures throughout the downtown Adairsville area. The project will be funded entirely through DDA monies.

Adairsville City Manager Pam Madison said the sculptures will be installed over the course of the next two weeks.

“Just for clarification, the artist agreement that I was sent requires $1,000 to install it and $1,000 at pick-up,” she said at Wednesday’s public meeting. “However, throughout the four-year period that these will be on display in the square, the artist has the ability to try and sell the art. And then if the art is sold, we would get a percentage rebate back during that time.”

Madison went over some of the finer details of the contract with the DDA, including signage-related costs and the effects of the project on the City’s insurance policies.

“The only other change that they made was that if any damage is done to the sculpture, we can secure it at a City facility, but the artist wants the right to do the repair,” she said. “And I, obviously, don’t have any issues with that.”

She described the impact of the installations on the City’s insurance plans as minor.

“We did check with our insurance agent and he will be adding — once they are publicly installed — to our property insurance,” she said. “Instead of a $5,000 deductible, it’ll be a $1,000 deductible, and that’s a $295 annual cost.”

As for the signage accompanying the sculptures themselves, Madison said it was perhaps most economical for the City to pursue in-house solutions.

“Our guys can make these signs and we can have this piece done very competitively with a couple of the sign companies we work with,” she said. “It should bring the actual sign cost down to about $100.”

The sculptures are set to be revealed at an event scheduled for Nov. 16.

To a certain extent, Madison said the sculptures are symbolic of the ongoing efforts to revitalize Adairsville’s downtown community — not only as a gathering place, but as an economic engine for the City as a whole. 

“We just completed the downtown master plan, so this is kind of the beginning of us introducing art, and hopefully, attract other events,” she said. “And with the revitalization that we’re having, hopefully we’ll have some businesses in the square in the next year, and in the near future.”

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