For more than 30 years, Mountain Trails Gallery has been a destination gallery for highly acclaimed artists of American Western fine art sculpture.

On Friday, Nov. 1 Mountain Trails Gallery’s annual Sculpture Show opens with a reception from 5 p.m. until 8 p.m.

Mountain Trails Gallery is located at Tlaquepaque in suite A201, overlooking the Patio de las Campanas. Tlaquepaque is at 336 SR 179 in Sedona. The Annual Sculpture Show runs through Nov. 30.

Mountain Trails Gallery features traditional figurative subjects such as domestic and wildlife, historical narratives, as well as contemporary renderings by a group of award-winning sculptors.

Wildlife sculptors Bryce Pettit, Raymond Gibby, Sandy Scott, Michael Trcic and Walt Horton have their own way of telling a story, and as ambassadors for nature and the animal world, they bring to life an often unseen or uncommon world of wonder and delight.

Pettit’s bronze red-tailed hawk ‘Storm Front’ captures the raptor on solid ground, pivoting as if reacting to the strong winds that has momentarily grounded his flight. There’s an almost charm in his facial features that invites a conversation, if not with the hefty hawk himself, then certainly, about the profusion of intricate feathers which makes the composition compelling and intriguing from all angles.

Gibby has a fascination with a variety of subjects including wildlife, Native American narratives, and historical characters. The bear is a favorite subject for this artist, and his fierce hunter is “Ready to Rumble” if it is necessary to defend his territory as the salmon run begins.

Gibby’s moving and complex bronze ‘Return of the White Buffalo’ pays respect to the Lakota legend that speaks of a time when they lived in harmony with the world, and, as White Buffalo Calf Woman holds open her robe to unveil the prophetic white buffalo calf, it suggests that now is time for peace to return. Also paying his respects to those whose courage and bravery settled the West, Gibby portrays a cattle rancher, entrepreneur, and legendary marksman Orrin Porter Rockwell who is credited with “taming” a large part of the American West.

All Gibby’s characters highlight traits that are a part of animal nature as well as human nature.

Michael Trcic’s elegant cougar, ready to spring at a moment’s notice, seems to bring forth the ballet-like dance of life and survival in the animal kingdom. Sandy Scott’s time spent in the field to accurately present her wildlife as authentically as possible reveals itself in her domestic and wildlife subjects.

Walt Horton’s animal characters always portray a sense of humor with an endearing charm that is sure to enthrall and uplift. Contemporary equine sculptor Mark Edward Adams speaks about his passion for the beauty of life in the way he portrays all his mammals. A powerful simplicity overlays the artist’s renderings which brings the viewer closer to the essence of what is being conveyed.

Masters of the historical Native American and Western narrative have been the foundation and building blocks for the artistic identity of Mountain Trails Gallery. Susan Kliewer’s contemplative work in progress ‘Desert Dreams’ reveals the reverence for nature and life as the Navajo/Dine woman looks to the four directions in prayer and appreciation.

Scott Rogers directs his attention to the admirable character traits often found in the history of the Old West, especially the men and women who had courage to work for something bigger than themselves. Deborah Copenhaver Fellows, Curt Mattson, and Dustin Payne, C.A., cannot hide that they come from a ranching background.

Their closeness with the land and their relationship with the animals are communicated in each of their powerful story-telling sculptures. Vic Payne’s “Sounds of the Night” is a tribute to all the remarkable women who pioneered the American West with strength, fortitude, resourcefulness and dignity.

All these artists have a remarkable gift for expressing their insights into life and nature, and each piece in the show brings a wealth of powerful information and unique expression to the character and beauty of the art form of sculpture.

Julie R. Williams, director of Mountain Trails Gallery, spoke about this highly anticipated show.

“This year in homage to special requests by our treasured collectors, we are featuring a collection of smaller works by these amazing artists, in addition to their other dynamic sculpture,” Williams said. “We are always delighted and surprised at their ever-evolving level of technique and creativity. The powerful presence of each bronze stands tall no matter the size.”

As part of the celebration, the show presents one-of-a-kind tables and sculpture stands by Percy Warcloud Edwards, and jewelry artists will present their latest one-of-a-kind creations including Joan Roberts Red Rock Jewelry, Susan Adams SusieQSedona, and Kim Yubeta Jewelry.

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