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Justin Brown* in the Bloody Mary [photo submitted]

This is a press release from the Kinetic Museum Eureka:

Kinetic Museum Eureka is proud to announce the arrival of “The Bloody Mary,” a small four wheeled silver pedal car built by the Glorious Founder of Kinetics, Hobart Brown.  Constructed in 1972* for his son Justin Hobart Brown’s first races* in 1973 and 1974, the bloody Mary was later won* by 1970/1971 race winner  Patrick Bent of the “Fantastically Fabulous Flying Machine” and the “Funtabulois Music Machine” during a Junk Race bet.* Bent repaired his prize and renamed it the “Bent Mary.”  (*These, like many Kinetic “facts” are continually debated.  All that can be “proven” is that Bent had it, fixed it and renamed.)

After Bent’s passing the kinetic sculpture went through various collections until it ended up at Redwood Thrift.  Realizing they had a significant piece of Kinetic History on their hands, Redwood Thrift was kind enough to donate “The Bloody Mary” to the Kinetic Museum Eureka.

According to Kinetic Museum Manager Robot “Rutabaga Princess Robotica” Adams, the Kinetic Museum now has “Four out of the five original street race machines known to still exist.”

“The Bloody Mary” will sit along side Hobart Brown’s “Pentacycle” 1969 (granddaddy of all kinetic sculptures,) “Grandpa’s Flying Machine ‘Kite,’” and Kathy Brown’s “Inchworm” 1971.
The only missing piece is “The 2-Ton Trike,” currently in the personal collection of a Rutabaga Queen who would loan it to the Museum for special occasions if anyone were able to move it.

The KME is a spacious treasure trove featuring kinetic sculptures, art, bribes, costumes, and history from over five decades of kinetic madness. Open every weekend Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 2:13p to 6:32p, the Kinetic Museum Eureka is located at 518 A Street in Eureka.  There is off street parking at 6th and A.  Entry is by donation, and there is a gift shop of Kinetic merchandise to help keep the Museum going.

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“Bent Mary” in the Kinetic Museum [photo submitted]


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