Sculpture name: “We Good Stewards”

Artist: Justin Deister

Details: The bright blue-based sculpture is on the southeast corner of Fifth and Main streets, just west of Guild Mortgage Co.

Interested in purchasing? Call 245-9697 for information.

Justin Deister of Louisville worked for 35-plus years in graphic design in the “corporate world” and recently “transitioned to working in the fine art sculpture world,” he said.

Through the bulk of his pieces, Deister seeks to bring attention to the need for people to become better stewards of natural resources and the need to share, he said.

“From Denver to Denmark and from Grand Junction to Granada — we need to be finding ways to live in peace and share what the world has to offer,” he said.

He made “We Good Stewards” using a water filtration tank that had been “sitting in his side yard for a couple of years,” as well as made objects and found objects, including a pulley off of a car engine.

Deister formed the yellow and black funnel shape above the tank using foam and fiberglass and then painted it. He added cut metal pieces to the sides and a billowy cloud to the top.

“The cloud is my ‘secret sauce,”” he said, adding that the mystery component was finished with a two-part epoxy process.

Most of his pieces involve a cloud, he said.

“Clouds are an interesting example of how to share resources in the environment. They drift through the atmosphere that we share, all around the world,” he said.

“It all comes down to being a good steward of the water that comes from the clouds and funnels down. It speaks to the conservation and good stewardship of our of water resources,” he said.

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