In reading reporter Scott Merzabch’s article about the history of Kendrick Park, I’d like to clarify some details about the first permanent sculpture in Kendrick Park.

“The Portal,” by Matt Evald Johnson, was placed in the park during the first Amherst Biennial ’10. The response to finally having some contemporary art in Amherst was overwhelming; so much so that the Amherst Public Arts Commission raised the funds from private and public sources to make it a permanent installation in the park.

The “Rabbit” sculpture by Lee Hutt, installed during the 2nd Biennial ’12, was for people of all ages to enjoy. Nonetheless, I’m glad to hear that this stolen little rabbit might have inspired the playground, which I believe will be a wonderful addition to Kenrick Park.

Terry Rooney

The writer chairs the Amherst Public Arts Commission.

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