Crane Point Hammock Museum and Nature Center, Florida Keys Land and Sea Trust is excited about becoming a recipient of one of the sculptures as part of the Florida Keys Sculpture Trail.

The Florida Keys Council of the Arts has graciously agreed to allow Crane Point to become a participant in this beautiful presentation of the arts in the Florida Keys. Crane Point will host Jamie Mikhel Emerson’s “Bridge.” The beautiful pyramid will reside to the west of the Crane Point entrance and should be taking shape as it is brought to the site and installed this December holiday season.

For those looking for the “lobster trap Christmas tree,” it will make an appearance either between the museum building and the train or near the west end of the property by the Marathon Garden Club, based on the desires of the folks at the Incredible Fruit Stand.

Merry Christmas! Keep your eyes open for the appearance and installation of Jamie Emerson’s “Bridge” at Crane Point Hammock.

George Garrett, Marathon

Get over yourselves

Wow! Silly me! I’ve always hoped that we would have mature adults in Marathon’s city government. I was wrong. Sad, childish, stupid and pathetic behavior by all concerned. Get over yourselves.

S. Colleen Repetto, Marathon

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