Mayor Bill de Blasio wants to get The Bull out of the street — and on The Street.

City Hall, The Post has learned, wants to move the iconic bronze Charging Bull sculpture from its mid-street perch at the tip of Bowling Green to the front of the New York Stock Exchange citing security concerns.

But its creator and local advocates are hardly bullish on the idea.

In an email exchange obtained by The Post, Annie Colarusso, the deputy mayor for Housing and Economic Development, told artist Arturo DiModica that his most famous work was identified in a city review as a sitting duck, er, bull.

“In the wake of the 2017 vehicle attacks along the Manhattan Waterfront Greenway, the New York Police Department (NYPD) and the Department of Transportation (DOT) worked with the City’s Security Infrastructure Working Group to identify high-profile priority locations at risk to vehicular attacks,” wrote Colarusso.

“This process identified Bowling Green Park as one of these high-risk locations, due in large part to the crowds attracted by the Charging Bull.”

The NYPD installed temporary concrete blocks that remain there to this day, but the city insists that permanent security bollards can’t be installed at the bull’s longtime home due to the “subsurface infrastructure.”

But Arthur Piccolo, the chair of the Bowling Green Association who wrote back to Colarusso on DiModica’s behalf, is calling BS.

“I believe there is NO reason bollards cannot be installed here,” wrote Piccolo in another email obtained by The Post. “Please send detailed information how and why Arturo was not informed of this pending decision and the report so that he could provide his input.”

DiModica will get his chance to do just that on Thursday afternoon, when he, Piccolo and Colarusso are set to meet at the current home of the sculpted tribute to American economic might.

Colarusso’s message indicated the wheels were already in motion to steer the bull to Wall Street, where it was originally installed in 1989, only to be moved within a matter of days to Bowling Green.

“In the interest of public safety … we plan to relocate the sculpture to its original home proximate to the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE),” wrote Colarusso, noting that the area is already “hardened” against potential vehicular attacks.

She indicated the likely landing spot of the bull at the “area bounded by Wall Street, Broad Street, and Nassau Street.”

But Piccolo argues that the statue isn’t the city’s to move.

“[Y]ou must send the necessary documentation that provides Mayor [Bill] de Blasio’s any right to move Charging Bull to another location,” he wrote. “[N]othing below in anyway [sic] establishes that right of ‘ownership.’”

Additional reporting by Aaron Feis

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