It would be understandable if you found pieces of old machinery lying around to be a bit of an eyesore. For John Lopez, however, an artist from South Dakota, these tired pieces of metal are an opportunity to make striking works of art that truly celebrate the beauty of God’s creation.

Collecting scraps of machinery from friends or local farms, Lopez, who’s also a farmer, creates sculptures that bring together redundant pieces of machinery and scraps and give them a combined force that showcases the energy of the animal he’s depicting. The artist cleverly uses the actual mechanics of the junk to highlight the muscles and power of these metal animals. The results are breathtaking.

Lopez’s Facebook account depicts a multitude of his works, and we’ve picked out a few favorites below. However, his artistic skills might also inspire you to put your own junk to good use. You could even get your kids involved and let their imaginations run wild, using nature as a source of inspiration — although they will definitely need adult supervision with this sort of project.

The farm horse hard at work

The majestic moose

The artist hard at work

The dinosaur brought back to life


The beautiful bison

In honor of the cowboy life

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