Listening to the Wind by Chen Yungang Photo: Courtesy of Artron.Net

SLIPSTREAM by John Atkin Photo: Courtesy of Artron.Net

Collosal Head of Bull by Alexey Kanis Photo: Courtesy of Artron.Net

Hengshui by Sheng Yang Photo: Courtesy of Artron.Net

Melting by Huo Boyang Photo: Courtesy of Artron.Net

The China Hengshui City Sculpture Festival kicked off on Saturday in Hengshui, North China‘s Hebei Province.

Starting from March 22, more than 500 artists from 38 countries and regions submitted a total of 1,679 sculptures to enter the festival, and after a series of evaluation, 30 artworks were selected to be displayed at the Raoyang Shijing Culture Square in Hengshui during the festival.

The sculpture festival brings Chinese and international artists together, providing a great opportunity for people to share their creative ideas and thoughts on the arts as well as acting as a valuable platform for international conversation, said Clare Burnett, president of the Royal British Society of Sculptor at the opening ceremony.




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