Kinmen, Dec. 19 (CNA) A joint exhibition featuring art by veteran Kinmen sculptor Lee Hsi-fu (李錫福) and Taiwanese calligrapher Chen Yu-chen (陳玉貞) is being held in Taiwan’s outlying island of Kinmen until February next year, according to the County Cultural Affairs Bureau.

A Guningtou native, Lee said he was introduced to wood sculpture at a very young age because his father, Lee Huan-shen (李換生), was a sculptor himself.

In recent years, the artist said he has developed a special affinity for Pixiu, a mythical hybrid creature in Chinese folklore.

“I fell in love with this fabled creature ever since a friend of mine asked me to carve him a Pixiu three years ago,” Lee said.

The Kinmen artist is known for his wooden carvings, but his most notable pieces in recent years have focused on Pixiu, a mythical animal that is part Chinese dragon and part lion with wings. It is considered by many practitioners of Feng Shui to be a powerful protector of wealth, luck and fortune.

The exhibition, which started Dec. 14, features over 30 pieces depicting Pixiu in different shapes and sizes, as well as a wide selection of Chinese calligraphy carvings.

Chen, who only began creating her own Chinese calligraphy 14 years ago, said she was especially excited about being able to exhibit her art with works by Lee.

A graduate of Fu-Hsin Trade and Art School in New Taipei, she is showcasing several of her paper calligraphy works as well as ceramic sculptures.

The exhibition is being held in Kinmen until Feb. 28, 2020.

(By Huang Huei-min and Ko Lin)Enditem/

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