AN ISLAND artist heard her latest work captured in prose after a Liverpool poet came to the Island.

Newport artist Clare Ralph Leonty’s latest sculpture, Toxic Lady, captured the imagination of poet Brian Patten who composed a piece in its honour.

The sculpture used glass tinted with uranium that gives off a luminescent glow, encased in a fractured representation of a torso which is intended to be viewed in ultra-violet light.

Brian said: “I have always loved Clare’s work. The last time I saw her, about 20 years ago, she was making dinosaur bone jewellery, which was fantastic.

“This Toxic Lady is something quite different, and she deserves a few words.”

Clare said: “I wanted to make a statement about our toxic lives.

“We eat meat from animals that are overdosed with drugs, we breathe in the toxic fumes from the glyphosates they spray on the weeds on our pavements, we’re apparently full of micro beads of plastic that make their way into the food chain and the sun is now giving us cancer because our protective ozone layer is being destroyed by global warming.

“Certain types of coral are phosphorescent and the coral reefs are being destroyed. Other corals and underwater plants emit this light when they are in danger, when the sea temperature rises, due to global warming.

“This is my statement on modern living, and the way we will end up if we carry on in our self-destructive ways.”

The Toxic Lady is available to see at Isle of Wight Studio Glass in Arreton by appointment only.

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