The Longview City Council on Thursday will hear a presentation on the five loaned sculptures installed downtown last month.

The pieces are the latest additions to the Longview Outdoor Gallery, which displays loaned sculptures for two years, with the intention of purchasing and donating one to the city at the end of that period of time.

Citizens vote on which pieces the organization should consider purchasing, along with other factors such as cost, durability and lifespan, according to council documents.

The newest works of art include “Run of Kings” by Orlando Cox of Winlock, “Sit and Smell the Roses” by Leon White of Seattle, “Vertebra: Tomorrow Was Today” by Dave Haslett of Lake Oswego, Ore., “Silent Words” by Lloyd Whannel of Whidbey Island, Wash., and “Dog Walker” and “Why Not” by Ben Dye of Oregon City, Ore.

To date, the outdoor gallery has purchased and donated 15 sculptures. The group aims to donate 23 by the city’s centennial in 2023.

Also during Thursday’s meeting at 7 p.m. in City Hall, the council will consider an update to the city’s comprehensive plan, which includes adjusting the classification for 15 parcels on Ocean Beach Highway to encourage smaller businesses.

The parcels, located on the west side of 36th Avenue south of Ocean Beach Highway, would change from a regional commercial classification to community commercial. This reduces the minimum size requirements, allowing smaller businesses to move in, city officials have said.

On the east side of 36th Avenue south of Ocean Beach Highway, city staff recommends changing the classification from commercial to mixed-use residential.

Other proposed changes include: 5721 Mount Solo Road from medium density to high density residential; 4357 Ocean Beach Highway from high density residential to community commercial; 5238 Ocean Beach Highway from medium density to low density residential; and 5721 Ocean Beach Highway from high density to low density residential.

And finally, the council also will consider an ordinance to restrict parking of commercial vehicles on certain city streets.

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