Secreted away and surrounded by agricultural fields in the heart of the province of Québec is an artistic anomaly. There, a beautiful sculpture park awaits exploration.

Since 2000, the non-profit organization of the same name has managed the field, offering resident artists from around the globe an opportunity to contribute to the site named from the French word “Essart,” which is the act of clearing or preparing land.

The focus here is on visual arts, mainly sculptures and installations, but the display also includes a kinetic and sound sculpture and some photographs. The winding forest roads will lead you on a tour of over 40 sculptures and art installations by many diverse international art collaborators. The space is dynamic and artists are invited annually to the “Rencontre Essarts” to contribute or present their creations.

The living halls of the outdoor space will cast the pieces in different light and frame the sculptures as the seasons roll in and out and snow, leaves, and sounds alter and renew the experience. Outside of events, the site is not crowded, making it a wonderful space for reflection and introspection. 

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