Mission Viejo officials and veterans gathered Wednesday morning, Nov. 5, for the unveiling of a memorial honoring fallen soldiers and veterans.

The sculpture of a Battlefield Cross – a military helmet, a gun and boots – represents a soldier who was killed in action. It stands on top of a pedestal displaying the logos of the five branches of the military: Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines and the Coast Guard.

The pedestal also includes the quote: “All gave some – Some gave all.”

Mission Viejo Mayor Greg Raths, a Marine veteran, wanted to build the memorial as a part of the city’s overhaul of the area around Lake Mission Viejo to improve access and provide more seating. It was placed at the corner Alicia and Marguerite parkways.

A week ago, city officials also unveiled a monument in the same area to honor the young victims of the opioid epidemic.

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