It was 2017 when the last Dodge Viper rolled off the production lines. And, despite the community making successful efforts to keep the American supercar under the spotlights, Nurburgring attacks and all, there’s still no sign of a revival.

Of course, now that Fiat Chrysler merger with Peugeot Citroen is taking place, we’ll have to wait and see what happens as far as the halo machine that was the Viper is concerned. For one thing, the news is positive so far, since all the brands of the two giants are set to survive the transformation.

Now, returning to the idea of enthusiasts not giving up on the dream of a machine that can rival Italian exotics for half the money, you should know such thoughts don’t always come from outside the company.

For instance, the rendering we have here, which is clearly described as a proposal for a next-gen Viper, is the work of Jack Liu – as the aficionado mentions on his Instagram account, he’s currently an interior designer for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. The gear head has worked on the cabin of the Challenger 50th Anniversary Edition and has even envisioned the next-gen Challenger, albeit with the latter being more of a personal adventure rather than an official matter.

With the Viper being built around its 8-liter motor, chances for the V10 to make a comeback are not exactly high. However, a snake with less cylinders is still better than no snake at all, as beasts like the second-gen Ford GT have demonstrated.

And, until the new carmaker makes up its mind on this supercar topic, here’s a review from a few years ago, when I had the extreme pleasure of spending a day with the Gen V Dodge Viper. Having driven both the slab of America and the original Lamborghini Huracan, I had a clear conclusion when it came to the more engaging driving experience, which went to the V10 model, the one with the larger engine. And now that Lamborghini has seriously spiced up its platform via the Huracan Evo, it would be a dream to see the next evolution of the Viper.

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