This Installation of the Week comes from Paris … the Beaugrenelle’s shopping center to be precise … where pioneering Digital/Virtual Artist Miguel Chevalier’s latest sculpture-installation is wowing passersby with its moving cascade of nine aluminum rings bejeweled with LED lights. The work is entitled “Orbites,” and at 14 meters high with each ring spanning 1.5 to 3 meters, the piece is quite at home in the elliptical architecture of Beaugrenelle’s atrium.

With software programming from Claude Micheli and technical production work done by Voxels Productions and LedPXL, “Orbites” is able to continually transform in shape and volume while generating different patterns of light and color in real time. These permutations, combined with any given shopper’s viewing angle, allow for a wide range of different experiences and interpretations.

What’s perhaps most interesting about “Orbites,” and we suppose digital sculpture vs. digital art in general, is that the shape of the LED rings dictates the patterns and the content rather than an array of LEDs on a screen forming a greater, more recognizable image. It’s a beautiful reminder that effective content for public consumption can be impressionistic, abstract, expressionistic, etc. as opposed to just narrative or expository presentations obviously bent on informing or advertising.

The exhibition, however, is not a permanent installation. It will be on display in the Beaugrenelle’s atrium until November 7, 2019. See the video below for a montage demonstration of the Orbites in action:


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