31. You Did for Me

Artist: Lindsay Reger and Sara Walters

Benefactor: Nancy Sutton-Moss and Glen Moss

Location: 1420 P St.

The inspiration for this concept came first of all from the Bible verse Matthew 25:40, which says: “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’” This Bible verse, along with the chapter that surrounds it, is about serving others. By serving those with the least, the poorest, the friendless, we serve God and show our love for Him and our neighbors.

​Additionally, inspiration arose from watching friends and family selflessly serve children in the community. This service occurs in a variety of settings, each vital to a child’s development and growth in its own unique way. A community of people (such as educators in schools, daycare providers, medical staff at pediatric health institutions, foster care parents, after school club volunteers, and youth sports coaches to name a few) each making their own unique investment in a child can truly make a difference in the path that child takes toward a successful and fulfilling future.

​In this sculpture, the children depicted at the bottom of the ladder represent children who might need a little extra help to get through this big and sometimes scary world. The children’s drawings on the opposite hand depict the utopian life the kids might imagine they will one day achieve; perhaps even something seemingly as simple as a family and a home. Other drawings depicted include a child’s favorite activity, best friends, and dreams for the future. Ultimately, serving children is a way to serve both the present and the future simultaneously. Who children become when they grow up can be shaped by how we serve them now.

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