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Ruby City’s on fire right now.

The contemporary art center has acquired a hot commodity: Katie Pell’s Bitchen Stove, a neon pink appliance that shoots flames out of its burners when activated with a matching pink propane tank.

The sculpture made its debut at Pell’s 2006 Artpace International Artist-In-

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Residence exhibition “Bitchen,” in which she imagined “a parallel universe in which women use their disposable income to customize domestic appliances with the competitive zeal of their male counterparts: car fanatics.”

“Bitchen” featured a series of tricked-out appliances — from toasters to vacuums — that were enhanced with lowrider-esque bumping hydraulic suspensions, fire-spitting burners and the paint jobs to match. Pell even took her creations to a local car show, bringing home second place in the “orphan” category.

Pell has noted that she now considers the works from “Bitchen” to be “relics” from the original performance at Artpace, so it’s unlikely that we’ll be seeing Ripley-esque flamethrowing in Ruby City’s stately halls anytime soon.

But we can always dream, right?

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