The Pages of Salt installation is comprised of stainless steel rods and 336 Teflon flags that cover the entire north facade of the Walker Center parking garage. Artist Ned Kahn became fascinated with the site’s connection to the printing presses of both the Salt Lake Tribune and Deseret News, which were located on Regent Street for over 80 years. The images of hundreds of newspaper pages draped on conveyer belts echo the many identical swaying parts Kahn often utilizes in his wind sculptures. The artwork is intended to suggest a vertical cloud of newspapers swaying in the wind. Managed by the Salt Lake City’s Public Art Program and funded with $2.2 million from the Redevelopment Agency of Salt Lake City’s major reconstruction of Regent Street, Pages of Salt is the city’s largest investment in a single piece of public art to date. Based in Northern California, Kahn has created over 100 public works in the last 30 years, throughout the country and abroad.

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