The students and faculty of Hickory Career and Arts Magnet High School (HCAM) worked with award-winning artist Bob Doster to create a sculpture representing the school and its core values.

The sculpture, which now sits in front of the school, was designed by HCAM students who are members of the National Art Honor Society, according to a press release from Hickory Public Schools.

The sculpture represents “unity” with the top of the sculpture consisting of two crescent shapes that enclose a circle, the release said.

During the spring of 2019, the students, along with several faculty and staff members, created the base of the sculpture, the release said. Each person created a symbolic representation of themselves and then worked with Doster to cut the metal design.

Doster returned to his studio, Backstreet Studio, in Lancaster, S.C., to polish and weld all of the pieces, fabricating the large crescents and circle shapes for the top, the release said.

According to HCAM art instructor Melissa Jaroszewski, one of the crescents represents the community and parents of HCAM while the other represents the faculty and staff. The circle represents the students.

“Circling around the sculpture, the student selected words that embody the core values of our school,” Jaroszewski said.

“Unity, Creativity, Diversity, Strength, Pride, Knowledge, Endurance and Community’ — were all incorporated in to the design, the release said.

“I believe the project is a great testament to the school’s vision of building community inside and outside of Hickory Career and Arts Magnet High,” Eric Puryear, HCAM principal, said. “The sculpture does, indeed, display our core values, while showing how all stakeholders are involved in the process.”

The sculpture was funded through the Innovative Artist Grant from the United Arts Council of Catawba County.

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