LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) – Tomorrow the Serving Hands, seen across Lincoln, will have permanent homes.

That means the Spider-Man, rubber duck, along with 49 other sculptures could be in your yard or in front of your business. It’s a project that artists say involved all of Lincoln.

“It involves the entire community,” said Liz Shea-McCoy, an artist and organizer. “It’s not just in one area, we try and equally spread out as many sculptures as we can across the city so people really do feel a part of these projects.”

The Serving Hands public art project was a collaboration of artists from across Nebraska and the Campus Life organization. The organization reaches out and provides support for young people in the community.
The project even gained national attention.

“Spider-Man is my favorite superhero, there wasn’t a choice,” said Ian Laing, the creator of the Spider-Man hands that made national news for appearing demonic. “So the piece I did I cut them out and reformed them to the Spider-Man hands. Didn’t mean to cause any controversy.”

The sculptures will be auctioned off tomorrow in front of the Pinnacle Bank Arena at 7 p.m. Two-thirds of the proceeds will go toward the artist. The other third will benefit the artist.

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