SIOUX FALLS, S.D – Students at Eugene Field Elementary in Sioux Falls got out of the classroom this morning for an up-close look at local art.

As part of the school’s Multiple Intelligence Day, students received a tour of Sculpture Walk on Phillips Avenue, plus the Arc of Dreams. The kids learned about the artists who sculpted each statue along the walk and even got to touch some of the statues.

It was a good experience for students but, Jim Clark, the director of the Sculpture Walk says he also got something out of it. “Really fun, it’s the first time we’ve done these large student, elementary student tours. Really, really a lot of fun. I think the kids really enjoyed it too.”

A few of the statues really stuck out to the fourth graders including Food Chain. Under Construction, which is made entirely of spoons, knives, and forks. made an impression on fourth-grader Jersey Pederson. “They are really cool and they are made by popular artists. One I really liked was the one made of all silverware. I want to try making something out of silverware.”

Eugene Field also invited artists to their school this afternoon to present for Multiple Intelligence Day including dancers, graphic designers, painters, and photographers.

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