A student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln put his skills to the test by carving a Superman sculpture out of a tree.

Jason Thompson, a resident of Lincoln, Nebraska, told KLKN-TV that when he noticed a large tree in his front yard was dying, he decided something should be made out of it. “I knew even when I had to cut it down that I wanted something in the trunk of it,” Thompson said. “So, I had them leave a seven-foot piece, and I’ve always been a huge Superman fan, and I thought, ‘Well, what better than a Superman statue?'”

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Thompson offered the project to many different artists in the area but each one turned him down, telling him it would be too difficult to carve a human figure. Thompson eventually found UNL student David Huismann, who immediately took up the task.

“Well, I certainly could do it, that’s for sure,” Huismann said. “I’ve never done a human before, and so the hardest part was getting the proportions right. But once I got that figured out, it was just a bunch of carving and slashing away.”

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According to KLKN-TV, the project took Huismann around a year to complete. Huismann maintains a Facebook page dedicated to his carvings titled Mellow Tree Carvings.

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