Want to get people really into the music at your next house party? Well, a killer playlist is clearly key. But we have to say, this amazingly striking sculpture/speaker combo is a pretty good plan B.


This polygonal curiosity is the AD’OM Prime: Kalium Humanoid Speaker. He looks like he just stepped off a prog album cover, which is fitting because he’s also a first-rate Bluetooth speaker. Oh, and he puts on an impressive light show to boot.

The ABS plastic sculpture is hypnotic enough to look at on his own, but he’s also outfitted with strategically-placed RGB LED lights that can set the mood or pulse to the music in a range of 16 million colors. It’s all controllable through the Sound Heroes app, which you can also use to sync up your favorite music player via WiFi.

You can also use its 4.0 Bluetooth connectivity, which is good for players up to 33 feet away. The sound is impressively clean even at high levels, and the rechargeable battery is good for over 6 hours of playtime.

The AD’OM Prime: Kalium Humanoid Speaker is already on sale for 33% off retail, but you can take an additional 15% off the final price by using the holiday coupon code MERRYSAVE15.

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