EAST VILLAGE, NY — An East Village artist transformed a dead tree stump into a sculpture over the weekend.

On East 11th Street near First Avenue, Ian Dave Knife noticed a tree stump left behind after a tree was cut down in the past few weeks and decided to transform the “eye-sore” into a piece of street art.

“I found this as a canvass in the street — a way to engage with the community,” the St. Marks Place neighbor told Patch.

The sculpture is “bringing life back into something that was cut down and left for dead,” echoing the neighborhood’s history of community gardens in which derelict lots were revitalized into green oases by locals in the 1970s, he said.

The tree stump sculpture is a tribute to Keith Haring, an artist known for his “Crack is Wack” 1980s mural in Manhattan and who died of AIDS in 1990, according to the artist.

“It’s a good way to open conversation about my artwork and art in the East Village,” the artist said. “I think that the whole art scene and the whole street art scene is starting to fade off where artists are not expressing themselves as much on the street.”

Much of the artist’s works are influenced by Zimbabwean Shona sculptures, which he teaches classes about in Chelsea.

“I would like to keep doing it for every tree (stump) I see,” he added.

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