WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) — West Lafayette is celebrating the completion of Happy Hollow Park’s latest project.

On Sunday, city leaders hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new insect sculptures at the park.

The artist, Bill Secunda even traveled several hours to attend, he’s based in Pennsylvania.

The pieces were designed to establish a landmark for the park.

Mayor John Dennis said these art pieces bring back memories of collecting bugs as a child. He said the insect theme is a great way to pay homage to what makes West Lafayette so special.

“When you think about West Lafayette, you think about Purdue University, you think about the unity that we have together and you think about what we celebrate is the natural resources that we so truly love,” said Dennis.

Secunda has created pieces for landmarks in various states. He said it’s always exciting seeing his projects go from an idea to a reveal.

“I remember what it was like to start it, I remember what it was like to build it,” said Secunda. “To bring it out here, then the whole time you’re worried, you know, how is it going to be received and it seems like everybody is pretty happy with it so I’m excited.”

The sculptors have been up since late August. The park’s other projects included creating a safer park entrance, making the playground ADA accessible and fixing the flow pattern of the creek.

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