A new sculpture could be coming to Jackson Park, but it comes with a big price tag, one that Windsor city council will have to approve.

It’s called the “You and Me” sculpture project and it will cost $170,000. The idea dates back to 2010 from the international relations committee.

The plan is to honour the city’s current sister city relationships in the gardens of Jackson Park.

While there are no drawings available, the concept includes two massive chairs with the names of Windsor’s sister cities engraved. Artist Mark Williams is being brought in to do the project.

Council is being asked to unlock $145,000 from the arts endowment fund to cover the bulk of the cost.

“The original intent of the arts endowment fund is that we would specifically set aside so much each year from the interest,” says Parks and Recreation Director Jan Wilson. “This would require us going a little higher level than we would normally draw so council will need to consider that and look at other funding sources as well if needed.”

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