SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) – During most fields trips, kids are told to “look but don’t touch.” But Friday, students from Eugene Field Elementary went on a field trip where touching was not only tolerated, it was encouraged.

High five bear is a big hit with the Eugene Field fifth graders, but every one of these young art critics has a favorite.

“My favorite sculpture was the cat one made out of bicycle parts. It was this girl artist that races with bikes across the country and she just took some parts that she uses to fix bikes and she made a sculpture out of it,” fifth grader Malina Julian said.

“I like the food chain one just because I think it was the most interesting, because all those sharks are just piling on each other,” fifth grader Zachary Sandlin said.

While “Space Cat” is cool, the Arc of Dreams is downright inspiring.

“Arc of Dreams is a really cool sculpture because it’s like, what it stands for really speaks to me. It stands for a leap of faith, for example, what do you want to do when you grow up?” Julian said.

Julian wants to be a dentist when she grows up with art as her hobby. That’s music to the ears of art teacher Megan Erickson.

“I think it’s really cool for the kids to hear some of the background on the artists, that there are artists who are teachers here in the area, that they’re community members, not necessarily from far away. I feel like so many of the artists they learn about are people from the past or people from New York City or Paris or something like that and these are artists from our area,” Eugene Field art teacher Megan Erickson said.

The art-inspired field trip is part of a new partnership between SculptureWalk Sioux Falls and the A-plus school Eugene Field Elementary, which encourages student to be involved with the arts.

“We had called them about, we being SculptureWalk, had called them about a partnership with them and their students about dreaming big and living big, that’s the theme of the arc of dreams,” SculptureWalk Sioux Falls Director Jim Clark said.

“It was just a no brainer to want to bring our students to see this huge collection of public art that is just right at our fingertips here in Sioux Falls,” Erickson said.

And there’s no doubt the giant Arc is making a big impression.

“I love it because it’s really big and it’s an arch and I like arches,” Sandlin said.

After the field trip, the students got to hear from several of the SculptureWalk artists back in the classroom.

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